Jason Carter’s Harp-Guitar

I got to most of Jason Carter‘s Harp-Guitar concert at the National Theatre last week.

Jason Carter and the Harp-Guitar

Jason Carter and the Harp-Guitar

I have known Jason since he was hardly out of his teens, and he came and played for us – both formally and informally – at The Nave a few times. Jason is now, among other things, a Peace Ambassador for CafĂ© Diplo (who have the brilliant tag-line Stop the Pain, Start the Music! ). Jason’s Harp-guitar was made by Stephen Sedgwick.

Violin bow on the Harp-Guitar

Violin bow on the Harp-Guitar

You can hear some of Jason’s music here; or follow him on Facebook.

I tried bootlegging a bit of video on my phone, but possibly just as well, it did not work. A much better idea is to see Jason’s video instead:

If you get a chance, do go to listen to Jason.


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