Women in Chichester

In the Chichester Diocesan cycle of prayer, we have been praying for the Team Ministry of Ifield, in Crawley, today. They are currently in vacancy, for a Team Rector.

Chichester diocese sometimes comes in for criticism over it’s perceived attitude to ordained women’s ministry. So it is with a wry smile that today we prayed for the Team Vicar, and two NSM priests on the Team staff – all three women. And we prayed for the parish Readers. Also all three women. So during the vacancy, the parish is being staffed solely by women.

It struck me that if the vacancy for a Team Rector was also filled by a woman, Chichester could be in a probably unique situation in the Church of England of having a women-only staffed parish. Now that might change some perceptions!

  • Natalie Loveless

    Hi! An interesting point. Especially given the current Bishop situation… Incidently when it comes to training part time for priesthood, two thirds of the candidates from chichester with me in their initial year at SEITE (a regional training course) are female. I am also pleased that their are as many men training for deaconate as women which I think affirms that particular unique calling is as valid as any other for people of both genders.
    Having said all those things, and actually I am in total support of people who conscientiously object to the ordination of women to the priesthood, many are my friends and I can see thier argument. However, it is still painful sometimes for those of us who know we are causing others pain by following a calling we are sure of. Perhaps pain is too strong a word, or perhaps not? It is however one thing we have in common with those who object- can we be pastoral to each other in our understanding of how we feel? I beleive we can.
    Blessings to Ifield – I hope they manage to appoint a person of prayer with a heart for their people and a desire for mission – whatever their gender! Nice to ‘speak’ to you!

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